Management Leadership:
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Management leadership, discovering the leader in you!

Have you wondered why life feels meaningless, nothing seems satisfying and you have lost your passion for life?

May be you’re a student, an employee, pastor or a manager and you want to do more, be successful, grow and become yourself in your chosen field but you feel powerless to make that change?

Yes I was there too; it is a terrible place to be.

The truth is, you are purpose built, born to do more and created for leadership, and anything less,brings an unsatisfying life.

management leadership is focused in helping you discover your true purpose, I will define what true leadership is, help you understand the right principles that makes a good leader.

You will discover your true potentials and be empowered for achievement. Life will be meaningful, passionate and satisfying again. You will gain an understanding on the difference between management and leadership.

True Philosophy of Leadership

I am convinced that everyone is created for leadership. It is a tough statement to accept. As a matter a matter of fact, I know what you’re thinking after this statement.

If everyone is a leader, then who is going to follow? That question sounds logical to me, but also illogical.

We have been cultured to believe that leadership is a product of natural endowment and personality trait or in other to be a leader you have got to have followers.

As a matter of fact this mindset came from our slave masters (The Greeks) and it is still ruling us, even in today’s world.

Management leadership is here to challenge that theory.

I use to believe that too. Not until I discovered some interesting realities from the perspective of God. Due to this discovery, I went into search and studies of leaders of old, went to seminars and studied a lot of leadership books, materials.

I found the right concept of leadership and easy steps in becoming the true leader you were meant to be.

This principles are the foundation of my growth and success..

what is leadership?

Most leadership coaches say leadership is influence, yes it is, and as a matter of fact it is the heart of leadership.

But the question is? What kind of influence, the source or cause?what do you influence people with, how do I build the skill, and what do I focus on as a leader?

As you can see this questions shows that the definition above is incomplete.

Now think about that teenage boy who had a gun and ordered everyone to hit the ground? You will probably do as he said. Would you consider that behavior to be leadership?

So what then is leadership?

Leadership is the capacity to influence people through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction which is produced by a purpose.

Each one of those words are important, because they need to be present for you to become a leader.

For us to understand the process we must begin from the foundation.

Purpose – Original intent. Everyone came to earth with an assignment, a gift, passion, ideas and talent that humanity needs. You must discover the reason you were born and why you do what you do.

Conviction- Believe in your assignment, significance, talents, gifts and what you do.

Vision – Purpose in pictures. You can see how you’re supposed to help the world, your business and organization.

Passion – A desire stronger than death, vision ignites the passion in you.

Inspiration – Generating meaning in others. When your purpose brings meaning to your life, others around benefit from that influence.

Influence – people submit their authority, time, talent, trust and resources to you, because you gave their life a meaning.

Leadership - Cooperate commitment to a cause. The people make you their leader and they cooperate with you to achieve your dreams.

With this process you will not just become a leader in your chosen field, but you will be able to help others become leaders and achieve their dreams.

Management leadership site will show you how these principles works, personally,in your organization,business and community.

Mother Teresa 

Mother Teresa was an obscure teacher and nun from Macedonia, who decided to devote her life and career in caring for the destitute in India. Yet in her compassion and determination to help others, she became an international leader and served as inspiration for many.

Her award for the Nobel peace prize was not a coincidence.She discovered her purpose and assignment which ignited passion in her, and now she inspires us.

You were born to be a leader, not over people but an area of gifting, assignment, a course or talent. This is the foundation of leadership. When you discover this, people will follow.

Our parents, society and culture have made us believe that few were chosen for leadership and the rest of us were born slaves, subordinate or followers.

This misconception has only produced followers, mediocre and managers.

Most companies, organization and businesses are frustrated today because they had mistaken managers for leaders and this practice has frustrated the purposes and objectives of many organizations.

So let’s understand briefly management leadership, management and managers

Management Leadership vs Managers

Management is the efficient organization of people and resources towards a common goal. It is both a position and the person that assumes the position.

Managers are responsible for someone else vision and resources, they imitate, maintain, relies on control and only focus on the present.

Management leadership is simply the application of leadership skill in management positions for accomplishment.

Management leadership is having your purpose, vision and dreams in conjunction with someone else vision and using their resources and people, not only to achieve their dreams, but also to fulfill yours.

If you are a student, a business man or woman, an employee, a manager, you can still fulfill your dreams and become that leader you were born to be. That’s what management leadership site is all about.

What you will learn

What management leadership site will do for you;

  • You will discover your true self and bring meaning, fulfillment to your life, organization, business and career.
  • You will develop the gifts and talents you were meant to share with the world.
  • You will leave a legacy that will be an influence for good, even after you are gone.
  • You are going to gain a new mindset about who you are, why you were born and understand what true leadership is.
  • If you are a manager or employee, you will learn easy steps to becoming leader.
  • You will see growth, success and development in your organization, business, community and personal life as you learn and apply these principles.
  • You will equip others and help them become leaders they were born to be in your school, organization and business.

These steps are simple, proven,easy to learn and understand.


Everyone was born with leadership potential, but you must go through a process to become a leader. Without this process you cannot become a leader and life will certainly be unsatisfying.

Management leadership will help you discover that potential in you and empower you for accomplishment.

Take a tour around this management leadership site and become the leader you were created to be!

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