Leadership Tips-12 Ways To       Becoming An Effective Leader

Leadership Tips are simple steps that makes your leadership journey easy.

Deeply embedded in every human person is the potential for leadership. Leadership tips is designed to give you a step by step process in discovering your leadership potential, you will find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Leadership is the ability to direct others towards a goal through influence.

Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion, generated by a vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose.

When you look carefully at this definition you discover, that leadership is not a pursuit but a result. Under this definition, the word leader is not a label that you give yourself. It is what the people who you inspire call you because they are stirred to participate in the positive vision that you are presenting them.

Leadership may take the form of the influence of one friend on another, a spouse on another, a parent on a child, a teacher on students, a community leader on volunteers.

When you discovers who you are, your assignment and why you exist, it changes your attitude and that attitude determines your response to situation.

Instead of being a victim, settling for less and giving excuses, you can become the solution in your community, country or organization.

Nelson Mandela never tried to become a leader, he simply found an injustice of his people and decided to respond in certain ways that took South Africa out of slavery.

In other words, he found his significance to his country and decided to be the solution. This made him standout and their by making him one of the greatest leader ever lived.

It all begins with your purpose,assignment, passions or gifts. You are purpose built and only you can do what you were born to do. 

Leadership Tips

1) You must believe you are designed to lead

2) Discover you, assignment and purpose

3) Capture your vision

4) Share your inspiration

5) Commit to principles and values you will not violate

6) You must express your passion

7) You must empower others

8) Discipline yourself

9) Coordinate resources

10) Manage your priorities

11) Mentor your successor

12) Understand management


Leadership is impossible without a purpose and vision that generates passion for accomplishment. Leadership is discovering a sense of significance to one's generation and making a commitment to deliver that significance as an obligation.Take your time to study and apply this tips.

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