Leadership Models:Developing          Your Leadership Presence

Leadership models is a practical step for developing your leadership presence, Knowledge and skill. You will understand what leaders have to do to influence their organization and community.

Every organization, business or company has an objective or goal they want to accomplish at a given period of time. For those goals to be achieved you need certain steps in other to make those goals a reality.

Leadership models is designed to help you effectively coordinate the effort of your employees to accomplish your goals and objectives. You will bring positive influence to your organization and increase your leadership presence.

Leadership Models

Leadership Models:Steps to achieving your personal, organizational and business goals;

  • Discover a clear purpose.

Purpose is the foundation of leadership models. Every true leader must have a sense of meaning and purpose of their organization, business and personal life, what you do and why you do what you do. This awareness produces a sense of identity, value and worth to you, your organization, business and department. As a company, organization or department, what do you stand for, why do you do what you do? When this becomes clear to you, the people around you will also catch it and they will also have a sense of fulfillment.

  • Have a clear vision.

 Your vision is a picture of where you want to end up as a company, organization, business or personally. It is like a blueprint of a finished product that you are about to produce. As you keep your hands on the process, let your eyes be on the end result. This will guide you and direct you to make the necessary changes that need to be made for achievement.


  • Share your inspiration.

 Inspiration is the heart of leadership; it is the essence that makes true leadership. Inspiration is the energy that drives you and your followers to commit to your vision until it is achieved. You must be inspired before you can share your inspiration and it comes from purpose and vision. You can only inspire people through your inspiration. Where there is no inspiration, there is manipulation.

  • Communicate Effectively.

 Communication is the only tool to convey your vision, ideas and assignment to your followers. You must first understand people for you to communicate effectively. The way you communicate with a new employee is not the same with the old ones. Understanding the various levels you are with people matters.

  • Planning.

When your purpose and vision becomes clear, you must seat down with your team, to discuss strategies and goals necessary to accomplish your vision. Planning is where your entire team members bring their contributions to the growth and success of the vision.

  • Set short term and long term goals.

Setting goals helps your team to believe they can achieve that big vision of the organization, business or company. Setting goals is simply breaking your vision in chunks of achievable targets. It becomes easier and realistic to your team.

  • Team work.

 Without team work there will be lack of order and confusion. A house that is divided cannot stand. Team work helps the employees to help one another and makeup for the lack of others. Team members put their efforts together to achieve the organizations vision.

  • Coordinate resources.

 As a leader you have to identify the resources of your company or organization, both financial and physical resources. Identify the unique gifts, talents, strengths, weakness and maturity of those you are leading. With this you can determine the best place for them within the organization, business or company. These abilities are the keys to maximizing people's contribution to the vision and assuring leadership productivity.


  • Empower Others.

A leader is the one who leads others to leadership; he leads himself first and then inspires others to follow him into leadership. A leader who empowers others recognizes their value. His deep desire is to help them discover themselves and deploy their abilities, talents, gifts and potential. When a leader focuses on this he is able to maximize the potentials of his employees.

  • Commit to Principles and values.

Leaders are individuals whose characters have been tested, proven and established as being faithful and trustworthy. True leaders includes and a personal and cooperate code of ethics and standards that safeguard the character necessary for the leader to pursue and fulfill his purpose and vision for the organization, company or business. Values like faithfulness, self-control, steadiness, integrity, maturity, responsibility, diligence, mentality, sacrifice, possibility etc.


  • Discipline

Leaders have a deep dedication for personal discipline. They adhere to self-imposed limits, high standard and strict parameters on themselves so they may be certain to achieve their vision. They pursue excellence and development. As a leader if you’re not willing to sacrifice everything for your vision, you cannot effective inspire others to be disciplined. You must first be disciplined before you can effectively instill discipline

  • Monitor the Progress of your Team.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, leaders sets the standard and leads the way. Monitoring the progress of the team will help the leader know what works and what doesn't and helping the team focus on what's working and maximizing their potentials.


In other to be an effective leader in your organization, business or community you must effectively organize and coordinate resources, energies and relationship in a productive way to achieve intended result. Therefore having a vision and values leads to inspiring and motivating others to work together with a common purpose. Leadership models will help you reach those goals as you study the principles carefully.

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