Ethical Leadership Skills: Cultivating Ethical Lifestyle

Ethical Leadership Skills are the necessary qualities to guide a leader in developing an ethical lifestyle.

Many influential men and women on their way to leadership have fallen because of lack of ethics. Therefore without Ethics in Leadership no one can fulfill his highest calling as a leader.

Our media today is full of failed leaders, who has gone against there words and what they stand for and so the world thinks that without compromising your values, you cannot achieve success.

This believes has produced mediocre, who gives excuses for not being there best.  I have been there too. This is the reason for this post. But before you begin, take time to study ethical leadership.

I am committed to giving you necessary steps in cultivating an ethic lifestyle.

The number one need all over the globe today is not money, social programs or even new governments. It is quality, moral, disciplined, principle-centered, Ethical Leadership.

Ethical Leadership are convictions, principles, values and morals that guides a leaders behavior in his leadership journey.

For a leader to be regarded as an ethical leader, certain qualities have to be seen in him.

Ethical Leadership Skills

Without discovering your true potentials and having a conviction to accomplishing it, you cannot become a leader. Therefore Ethical Leadership Skills begins with a discovery of purpose.

As a leader, you lead from your life, not your position. Therefore your life is important. Here are some Ethical Leadership skills a leader must posses;

  • Temperance

A leader should not get angry quickly. When you are in leadership, people will test you every day and at every moment. People will abuse you, criticize you, a leader must learn to ignore it.

  • Self-control

A leader has the ability to control himself, his emotions, and desires, especially in difficult situations. As a leader people will always criticize your judgment, test your patience, but you must refrain from making any harmful decision. It is the heart of Ethical Leadership Skills.

  • Respectable

A leader must be regard by society to be good, proper and correct in character. A leader must make people respect him, not demanding it, but earning it. Respect comes from consistency of conscience. When a person has convictions and visions, standards, values he will never sacrifice you respect them.

When a leader's attitude lines up with his words he gains the respect of his followers.


  • Hospitable

A leader should be able to smile with people, be nice to his followers, and take time to be with them, talk to his followers and listen to them.

  • Able to teach others

A leader must be able to communicate his ideas to his followers.  He can improve his communication through training, practice, reading, studying. A leader must be able to explain his visions and idea in such a way they can fully understand.

  • Not given to drunkenness

A leader must not take substances that affect his mental state, because his decisions are key to the growth of the organization. Whatever affects your mental stability is drunkenness, because people are depending on your decisions. Drunkenness clouds your judgment and can destroy your organization.

  • Not violent but gentle

A Leader must not always be angry or lashing out at people. If you always get angry, your followers will avoid you. A leader must be very gentle, open and kind.


  • Not quarrelsome

You cannot be a leader if you’re always arguing or picking fights, quarrelling over little thing that are not important. It is easier to be quite and maintain your integrity.


  • Not a lover of Money

People go into positions to secure themselves and not the people. They go into positions to be rich, instead of enriching the people. If you’re going to be a leader, you shouldn't be motivated by money, because you will sacrifice the people for money and sell your integrity for it.


  • A good Manager

A leader must be able to manage resources, people, skills and time in other to achieve your visions. Leader’s management skills will help him utilize what he has and become more effective in his leadership. Leaders were managers before they became leaders, Management is delegating responsibility, sharing power, they allow people to gain value by giving them responsibility.

  • He must also have a good reputation with outsiders

A leader must be well talked about anywhere. The widespread belief that others have about a leader must be positive. They may not agree with your visions or conviction, but they respect you.


  • Spirituality

A leader must have a good spiritual life; he must take care of his inner life. This is because every leader leads from his life.


  • Mentor your successor

A leader must not feel threatened about who he is, he must mentor greater than himself. A leader will always leave there life through there successor. Leaders produce people, they develop people. Leaders pour there life into others


The solution to ethical Leadership is simply helping others appreciate their uniqueness and embrace their passions, gifts and calling in life. Parents, bosses and those in management positions, should help the people placed under them discover who they are and place them in their areas of strength, passions and gifts. Therefore developing these Ethical Leadership Skills determines your level of influence.

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