School Leadership Management: Creating Student Friendly Environment

School Leadership Management; Bringing the right change in our schools

Leadership is about change and influence. Therefore school leadership management is simply a position or platform were you use your talents, resources, time and energy to guide, influence and direct, students, teachers and employees to a common goal.

The young people are the future of our generation and in this age were they are being influenced by the social media, friends and television programs, it is important we set standards for our children.

But that is not the case in our school today; we are faced with many problems with our private and public schools.

This is because our educational system has failed to recognize the difference between leadership and management. Teachers and workers are only employed for their skills. And for you to have an effective educational system, you need people that are passionate about young people and desire to influence them positively.

I was listening to Oprah Winfrey and she talked about an incident in her school, were a female teacher molested some students. She felt heartbroken because of her passion to change life's and this is what happens when the people in authority fails to pay attention to leadership in our educational system.

They recruit the best teacher's and well skilled, but most times they lack the vision and passion for young people and so they end up abusing the children and betraying the trust of the parents.

Most times you have teachers that don't care about students or get the know them, so many students decline in there test scores and knowledge, in most cases there are high rate of social problems like pregnancy, bullying amongst students, teachers bullying students, drug abuse, sex abuse etc.

Our school authorities have failed to bring in people with leadership qualities.

One of the most outstanding problems that have bothered me for so long is school curriculum and brochure. Most educational system is only designed to give students large volumes of knowledge.

knowledge is good, but when it is not organized, it can't be used. People get knowledge with no practical experience and therefore lack the skill to be useful in there society.

This is the reason for the high rate of unemployment. The companies receive a lot of application, but few with experience. If our schools can organize the knowledge they impact on students, the time students spend in school will be cut in half.

People also are so occupied acquiring knowledge that they don't even have the time to develop their gifts, passions in life. The foundation of leadership is a discovery of your purpose.

Our schools have failed because of the rigid system of education, lack of purpose and understanding of the human person. Therefore young people drop out of school or neglect there studies because they are in search of happiness, freedom and love.

This is the reason for the chaos and rebellion among our young people. If we must see changes school leadership management program must be implemented.

School Leadership Management Tips

Changing people is one of the most difficult things to do, but someone rightly said if you must change a man, you must first change his thinking. To make a change in your school you must have knowledge on leadership, Click here.  School Leadership Management will guide you through the process

1) Have a clear purpose

Someone rightly said the best way to affect your environment is to begin from your passion. Your purpose is a discovery of your true self. It is knowledge of what you’re meant to do in life, how you want to give and how you were given. What is the impact you want to make, the solution you want to give? When your purpose is clear, then how you’re supposed to help the young people will begin to unfold.

2) Vision

A vision is your purpose in picture, the end of what you want to give. When your purpose becomes clear to you, it begins to unfold in pictures, now you actually know the next step to take to accomplish your goals. Vision is the tool that directs you along the path of your destiny. A Vision can see what’s down the road and what it takes to get there. Vision keeps you persistence in the most of crisis.

3) Passion

Without passion you can’t accomplish the change you want to effect. Passion is as a result of inspiration that causes you to take action. Passion is the root of self-motivation and energy that fuel’s persistence, consistency and resilience. When you take a hold of your vision, your passion is ignited automatically that moves you to take action.

4) Find people with like passion.

To make a lasting change you must find people who share the same passion for young people. Those that think and see the way you do. It’s not so much about the skill, but a natural love and passion for young people.

5) Create the environment

Creating a positive environment is simply providing the necessary tools and infrastructures were talent, gifts and passions can be exhibited. Were young people can have the freedom express themselves.  It could be providing facilities in sports, music, dancing, It could be re-adjusting the curriculum etc. First you must identify what change you want to make.

6) Empowerment

For you to change a man you must change his thinking. Empowerment is helping the young people know who they are. It is guiding the young people to a better future, enabling them develop in greater ways, helping them improve themselves and inspiring them to believe that anything is possible.

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School leadership management is about helping young people become themselves and discover their leadership potential. In other for young people to discover their leadership potential, the school leadership management must create the right environment, were students can develop their gifts, passions and skills.

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