Traits Of Leadership:Qualities Every Leader Should cultivate.

Traits of Leadership are integrated qualities and characters that distinguishes leaders.

To become an effective leader you must cultivate, practice and integrate certain traits in your life. These traits serve as measures for your leadership refinement as you continue progress in maximizing your true leadership potential.

Most leaders are product of circumstances, pressure situation that forced them to respond in a certain way that displays some unique trait we never knew about.

While others cultivates and pursue their gifts, passions, dreams that produces a unique trait in you.

Leadership trait is exhibited in a leader when he discovers his purpose and pursues it.

What is Traits of Leadership

Traits of Leadership are distinguishing qualities that a leader possesses. They are qualities that separate him from the crowd. These qualities determine how you influence others.

A traits leader poses.

1) He knows his purpose

He has found his assignment, gift, passions that he came to this world to deliver to humanity. Suddenly he realizes he is important to this world.

2) He has a vision

He has the capacity to see beyond his natural eyes, He sees with his mind's eye. His Purpose in pictures.

3) He poses Wisdom

He has the capacity to apply knowledge effectively.

4) He poses a positive attitude

He has the ability to see people and situations in a positive way.

5) He poses courage

He has the ability not to be controlled or paralyzed by fear. He goes on to do what he believes in.

6) He has a high energy

He has Strength and stamina to work hard and not be worn down.

7) Personal Warmth

He has a manner and attitude that draws people.

8) He Posses Humility

He is in touch with himself and has accepted who he is.

9) Righteous Anger

He has the capacity to resist and stand against injustice and abuse.

10) Integrity

He is consistent in his words and actions; a leader is trustworthy and has a true character.

11) Responsibility

He has an ability to always come through, he never gives excuses, and he always gets the job done.

12) He has a good self-Image

He feels good about himself, others and life.

13) Friendship

He welcomes and embraces others without friction.

14) He has Mental horse Power

He has the ability to keep learning as the job expands.

15) Authority

He is a highly positive influence over others.

16) Absence of personal Problems

His personal, family and business lives are in order.

17) People Skills

He has the ability to draw people to oneself and helping people develop their gifts and character.

18) Inspirational Power

He has the ability to communicate his passion to others.

19) Sense of Humor

He has the ability to laugh at oneself. He doesn't take life too seriously.

20) Resilience

He has the ability to bounce back when problems arise.

21) Track record

He has the experienced success in his previous situation.

22) Great desire and passion

He has a hunger for growth and personal development.

23) Self Discipline

He has a willingness to pay the price and handle success.

24) Creativity

He has the ability to see solutions and fix problems.

25) Flexibility

He is not afraid of change and flows with growth.

26) He sees the big picture

He is able to look beyond personal interests and sees a global view.

27) Initiative

He has the ability to discern what needs to be done and take action.

28) Executive ability

He has the ability to get things done; he has the drive to finish an assignment.


Traits of Leadership are necessary qualities leaders need to integrate for effective leadership. Discovering your purpose is the heart of your leadership trait.Your purpose determines your response to situation.

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