What Are The Characteristics Of A Leader

Characteristics of a leader are combination of traits, qualities or attitude that distinguishes a leader and helps him accomplish both his personal and organizational goals and vision.

Attitude determines a leader’s character; it is the key to the manifestation of your true leadership potential. Attitude is the mind-set of a leader based on your beliefs and convictions and it motivates your character or behavior.

Your character as a leader arises from the fundamental beliefs, convictions and opinions that you have about yourself and it is manifested in your degree of self-confidence.

You can develop a leader’s attitude by the discovery of your true self-worth, your true potential, and your commitment to achieve. The characteristics of a leader are more concerned with fully expressing itself than with attempting to prove itself to others.

To become the leader that you were born to be, you must discover who you are, your purpose in life, and the creator's design for your existence. Remember that a true leader learns from others but never tries to become them.

You must be true to yourself. The character and essence of leadership cannot be taught. They are discovered and learned through experience and development. This capacity to learn resides within each of us, and it is now up to us to decide whether or not we will become the leaders that the creator intended us to be.

characteristics of a leader


The following are the characteristics of a leader. They describe the mindset that every leader must embrace, cultivate and exhibit in his or her exercise of leadership.

1) A belief in oneself.

2) A passion for one's assignment

3) A love for people

4) A sense of satisfaction for the success of others

5) Resilience

The ability to see failure as temporary and necessary step to success.

6) Courage

The ability to transform one's fear into a motivator for action and change.

7) Patience

A belief in the potential of change and the ability to wait for it.

8) Compassion

A sensitivity to the worth of others.

9) Self-value

A belief in one's importance to the world.

10) Self-confidence

A trust in one's inherent abilities.

11) Perseverance

The ability never to give up or surrender to the context of a situation.

12) Strategic thinking

The ability to plan rather than panic

13) Time management

The conscious application of time in achieving one's vision.

14) High tolerance for diversity

A belief in the beauty and strength of variety.

15) Self-competition

The practice of never comparing oneself to others but only with what one has been or done before.


You were born to lead, Settle for nothing less. Your generation and your world await your manifestation. Do it for the unborn generation who are meant to build on the foundation of your success as a leader. We must possess the characteristics of leadership. We must think, talk, walk, dress, act, respond, decide, plan, work, relate and live like leaders.

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