Leadership Qualities:Key To Discovering Your Leadership Potential

Leadership Qualities are the inherent qualities, characters and traits that inspire the confidence and trust of others towards a common goal.

The purpose of a thing is revealed in its design and nature, is always accompanied by certain innate abilities. They are there naturally.

The purpose of a thing is revealed in its design and nature, is always accompanied by certain innate abilities. They are there naturally.

Owls naturally have the ability to see in the dark because God created them to gather their food at night and to sleep during the day.

When someone creates something, they create it in such a way as to fulfill its purpose. They build into it the essence of what makes the thing unique, because what they do to create it becomes its nature. In essence the purpose of a thing determines its nature.

The word nature, as defined by Webster, means "the particular combination of qualities belonging to a person, animal, and thing by birth, origin or construction.

I want to emphasize the combination of qualities.

When God create something, he puts into it the ability to fulfill its function. You were born with a purpose and the qualities necessary to achieve your dreams.

How objects are created

If i am going to create something that will fly, i must first decide that the objects purpose is to fly. Then i have to determine what function and design will allow the object to accomplish that expectation.

In other words, i will put into the helicopter the ability to do what i am asking it to do.

My design will include whatever is needed for the object to fly. This is because i intend the object to fly and i built into it the ability to fly. Therefore purpose produces design and design predicts potentials.

How Birds were created

Birds were created to fly, so their wings and the shape or their bodies make the air their natural environment. They may sit on the ground or in trees and they may love your ages, bird houses and bird baths, but they don't really prefer to be there.

Birds are happiest when they are flying. They love to fly because God created them to fly. That is both their purpose and their nature. Nature is inherent in purpose.

If God created animals with unique qualities, how much more you?

Great leaders and Leadership Qualities

Nelson Mandela

He was a simple African lawyer who returned from a respected university in England to his apartheid oppressed people. He was lifted to a place where he saw South Africa in which all men were equal, dignified and free.

He was willing to sacrifice the most valuable years of his life in a prison cell for the sake of this dream. He was inspired by his people.

Nelson Mandela saw a problem of his people and gave his all to fulfill his dreams; this pursuit brought fought the leadership qualities in him.


Mother Teresa

She left her teaching job, because she envisioned a ministry of serving the poorest of the poor in India. In the process, she brought worldwide attention to the plight of the outcast, sick and destitute.

She sparked the same vision in the hearts of many other people who continue to bring care and dignity to those who society has discarded. She became an international leader and was awarded the Nobel peace prize.

Mother Teresa was a very compassionate woman who saw a problem and used her natural gift to solve these problems. This pursuit brought fought the leadership qualities in her.


Your Leadership Qualities

When God created you, he built into you all the natural necessities for performing and fulfilling your purposed assignment. Everyone possesses natural inherent trait that are required for their purpose. In essence, you are the way you are because of why you are.

In other to cultivate your leadership qualities, you must first discover your purpose, assignment, passions or gifts.

Remember Nature is the combination of qualities. In other to discover your purpose and cultivate your leadership qualities click here...

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