Successful Leadership Style In Management

Leadership Style In Management, discover your unique traits, passions and gift in management.

Are you a business man, students or teacher, when you discover who you are and come to a conviction of that reality, you never settle for less. As a result of this attitude, your leadership style and attitude is birthed.

An individual Leadership Style is simply what he stands for, and going all out to full it, without compromising his values and principles.

Most great leaders today are unique because they discovered a problem or an assignment they had to carry out on earth, From Nelson Mandela to Mother Teresa, and lot more. They never set out to be great, but they saw a need and went all out to fulfill it. They made up their minds, not to settle for less. This was what made them unique and stand out.

Therefore Leadership Style In Management is not what you learn, practice or try to be. It is who you are, your uniqueness, passions, gifts, personalities that makes up your core self, it is discovered. Discovering who you are, your assignment, gift and passions and serving it to the world is what brings out the leadership in you.

Remember you cannot truly lead people without loving them, when you love people and see the best in them your response and attitude to them changes. It is this knowledge that determines your reaction and your leadership style in management.

In summary Leadership Style In Management is simply a leader’s distinctive way of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people in an organization or management position towards a common goal. This style comes from his uniqueness

Leadership Style In Management Tips

Leadership style in management cannot be learnt, but can be discovered. In other to discover your leadership style and potential, here are a few principles you must follow;

1) Discover your purpose

When a leader discovers his assignment, it develops in him a conviction that ignites in him passion to accomplish. Purpose is that dream or goal you want to accomplish as a leader in that organization.

Do you want to rock the boat or go beyond the status quo? This decision determines your leadership. Leaders take the organization to where it hasn’t been. If you must be a leader in your organization, you must dare to take risk and go beyond the known. 


2) Focus on your strength

When a leader focuses on his strength it increases his productivity and believes in himself. What is that one skill that when developed it can help you accomplish your goals or dream of your organization. Like someone said, you are one skill away from success. As you keep developing your skill, you increase in ability and confidence, and then you can do more.


3) Invest in yourself

Someone rightly said, for you to have more, you have got to become more. A man doesn't get what he wants or need, but he gets who he is.

A leader can only have more or accomplish more by working on himself daily. A leader's accomplishment is equal to his ability; therefore if he must achieve more he must increase his ability through knowledge.


4) Values and principle you stand for

Values are code of ethics that keeps you disciplined in pursuit of your goals. They are what you stand for, represent and believe. No matter the pressures or the failures your values keep you going and convinced your dreams are possible.


5) Plan

It is a program for execution. Leaders must have a clear plan, that's broken down into achievable targets.  A leader must find one thing he and his team must do every day to get to their goals. Breaking your goals into achievable targets will help your team see the possibility of achievement.


6) Teamwork

A leader must be able to bring his team together. He must be able to communicate his ideas and goal so effectively that his team can understand and see the possibilities for achievement. When your team can see what you see, they will become as passionate as you are.

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Leadership style in management cannot be learnt, but can be discovered. In other to discover your leadership style, you begin by discovering your purpose, goal, dream and vision. Understanding leadership is the key to discovering your leadership style.

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