Leadership And Motivation;
        Your Key To Effective

Leadership and Motivation will help you lead effectively in your organization, business, department, school and community.

Leadership and Motivation will cause others to initiate change and reorganize their priorities in other to participate in a cooperate vision.

You can only lead people to the degree you can motivate. Motivation is the heart of leadership.Leadership without motivation is dictatorship. Therefore understanding motivation and leadership will help you lead effectively. You will increase your sphere of influence and thereby causing more people to join you accomplish your dreams.

With this understanding you will be able to inspire your friends, employees to a common goal and bring out the best in you.Leadership and motivation will help you accomplish this.

If you look at the trend of leadership in our world today, there is so much corruption, bribery, dictators and manipulators.

From our homes to the political arena, it's about control instead of love; it’s about bribery instead of motivation. Our world has been turned upside down and that’s the reason our system is failing.

Motivation is the force that drives leadership not only because it inspires, but also it protects the leader from temptation to manipulate others, bribe or control them.

Leadership and Motivation:Steps to Effective Motivation

leadership and motivation: True Leadership is measured by how many people you can influence true motivation.

The purest form of leadership is influence through motivation. Motivation is the opposite of intimidation and it is absence of manipulation

To effectively motivate others, you must follow these steps;

  • Identify a clear purpose for life.

Purpose is the heart of leadership and motivation. Leadership is discovering a sense of significance in your life, organization or business. It is the why you exist. When you discover your purpose, conviction is ignited in you. Purpose is the key that ignites passion in you, it is that passion that becomes contagious.


  • Be ready to die for what you belief in.

All leaders are willing to die for their life's purpose. Martin Luther King jr said "I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live. People are inspired when they see someone that is ready to die for what he believe in.

Osama Bin Laden had many followers who were willing to do harm to humanity,not because he was a good speaker, but because he was ready to die for what he believed in.

Leaders not only have something to live for, but to die for, that’s true leadership.

  • A clear Vision

When you have a clear conviction about your purpose you begin to see how you are supposed to help the world. Vision is your purpose in the screen of your mind. As you take responsibility to make your purpose a reality, it becomes clearer as you move in that direction. Your vision is the picture of your end or destiny. As you keep your vision in front of you, the passion for accomplishment keeps growing.

  • Invest in yourself.

One of the killers of visions and dreams is fear. When we focus on our limiting believes, abilities and situations, it drains the motivation in us to go for what we want. Investing in you is simply looking out for people who have achieved the dreams we seek. When you take time to develop, yourself and your followers, they will begin to believe in themselves and the ability to accomplish their goals. You need the right attitude and mindset for your dreams.

  • Have a Burning desire.

A burning desire can also be referred to as passion. Passion is the catalyst for leadership; it is the heart of self-motivation and the energy that fuels persistence, consistency and resilience. A burning desire is what attracts people to you.

  • Set goals

Goals are broken down target that leads you into your vision or dreams. Goals can be long and short term goals. When you set goals, your followers or employees can be inspired to know that your big vision can be actualized. Goals break your vision or dream into chunks of achievable targets. When vision is too big, it drains the passion in your followers.

  • Communicate effectively.

When communicating your vision, those who receive it should be excited about participating. They must see how their own purpose and vision finds fulfillment. Without good communication you cannot transfer your vision. A good leader discovers, refines his communication skill.

  • A good sense of humor.

When a leader communicates his vision, he needs to put his personality in what he says. A good leader should be able to laugh at himself. Humor helps a leader to maintain a proper perspective in life to reach out to others with a healthy sense of humor. A leader can transform a tense environment into a positive environment and create an atmosphere of understanding and motivation.

  • Constantly share your vision.

Life will come against you, people will criticize you, family and friends will abandon you. At the time of difficulty you need to constantly remind yourself and the people around you about your purpose. Remind them why they do what they do and why they should not give up. Keep your purpose in front of you by reminding your team constantly.

  • Lead the way.

A leader must be willing to take the first step in what he believes in. You cannot lead beyond were you have gone. When people see leaders that are ready to go the extra mile for what they believe in, they become motivated. When you’re willing to invest your time, energy, and resources others will do so.

  • Empower others

Leadership sets standard for people to follow. If a leader is out of sight along his journey to his vision, he will lose his followers, and it begins with loss of motivation. Because he is too far to be followed, therefore he has to devout his time, resources and energy to build his team. When you help people get what they want, they will be inspired to join you.


Leadership is simply a contagious motivation that causes others to reorganize their priorities. When motivation is ignited in your heart, it becomes contagious and causes others to submit their authority in other to achieve a common goal.Purpose is the heart of leadership and motivation.

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