Understand the difference between Leadership and Management.

Understanding the difference between leadership and management will give you deeper insight into leadership.

A leader is not the same as a manager, but in most cases they are being replaced with managers.

Every leader was ones a manager on the way to leadership, therefore to be an effective leader, you must also learn to manage.

The difference between leadership and management is described below

Difference between leadership and management


1. A leader has his vision.

2. The leader innovates

3. The leader is an original.

4. The leader develops.

 5. The leader inspires trust

6. The leader has a long range      perspective.

7. The leader asks what and          why.

 8. The leader originate

9. The leader challenges the      status quo

10. The leader does the right          thing.

11. Leader inspires through            inspiration.

12. Leader is all about                     becoming himself.

13. Leaders initiate change.

14. Leaders empower

15. Leaders deploy people.

16. Leaders think of the next            generation.

17. The leader thinks of the               arising

18. The leader thinks of the              future.

19. The leader sees the big            picture

20. Leaders serve the people.

21. Leaders pursue purpose.

22. Leaders sacrifice                        themselves

23. Leadership is about attitude.

24. A leader finds something to give up their life for.



1. A manager is responsible for someone's vision

2. The manager administers

3. The manager is a copy

4. The manager maintains

5. The manager relies on                control.

6. The manager has a short-range view.

7. The manager asks how and      when.

8. The manager imitates.

9. The manager accepts the          status quo.

10. The manager does things          right.

11. Managers rely on control and manipulation.

12. A manager relies on doing.

13. Managers wait.

14. Managers pursue power. 

15. Managers employ people

16. Managers think of the next        position.

17. Thee managers think of the        bottom line.

18. The manager thinks of the          present.

19. The manager focuses on            result.

20. Managers delegate duties

21. A manager pursues                    people. 

22. Managers use people

23. Manage relies on            technique,procedure,mechanics

24. Managers are about the next job.


Everyone was born with leadership potential, but you must go through a process to become a leader. The difference between leadership and management will show you were you are.

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