Ethical Leadership: Key To Fulfilling Your Potentials As Leaders

Ethical Leadership is the answer to your leadership question. Leadership Ethics will give you a better perspective on true leadership; you will understand the problems of leadership in our society and how it should be resolved.

Many influential men and women on their way to leadership have fallen because of lack of ethics. This is why, without Ethics in Leadership no one can fulfill his highest potential as a leader and that’s what this post will guide you through.

The number one need all over the globe today is not money, social programs or even new governments. It is quality, moral, disciplined, principle-centered, Ethical Leadership.

Ethical Leadership are convictions, principles, values and morals that guides a leaders behavior in his leadership journey.

We need true leadership in our governments, business, schools, civic institution, youth, communities, religious organization, and homes and in every arena of life, including the discipline of law, medicine, science and sports etc.

Yet the search for genuine leadership is becoming more difficult.

We are in the most difficult time of the twenty-first, a world of globalization, terrorism, economic uncertainty, famines, health epidemics, religious conflict and cultural clashes. This condition demands the highest quality of leadership that our generation can produce. That's what Ethical Leadership seeks to address.

Unethical Leaders

This crisis in leadership has been on many people's minds today and the topic of discussion in this generation.

We hear of leaders involved in sexual scandals, business person's involved in corruption. We see national leaders being tried by their government for stealing and other financial misconduct.

We learn of priests abusing and misusing there authority and positions in other to take advantage of those whom they were entrusted to care for. It is clear how Ethical Leadership has been the missing formula in our world today.

Our failed leaders in history

Many of those whom we idolized as leaders in our modern societies have disappointed us as their fragile; formerly hidden inconsistencies have been exposed.

They are WorldCom, Tyco, Martha Stewart, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and catholic priests. This tells the story of our culture of defective leadership, Moral defects, abuses of power; privilege and trust, Misuse of resources, corruption and hypocrisy have become associated with leadership in today's world.

Morality, ethics, principles, convictions, standards, faithfulness, transparency and honesty are rare commodities in leadership.

Problems of Ethical Leadership

I believe the problem of Ethical Leadership is that leadership has become a role one plays rather than a life one leads. Leaders are attempting to divorce their personal lives from their public responsibility and their personal standards from there public lives.

To many, leadership is an act and not a calling. Therefore when they are not in their offices, they act in a certain way, but when they leave, they lead double lives. This is a contradiction of true leadership.

Many institutions, fortune 500 companies, government agencies, civic organization and nonprofit entities spend billions of dollars every year training thousands of would be leaders in management techniques, human manipulation, skills, organizational systems, methods of control and persuasions in the hopes of producing potential or better leaders.

Instead the quality and standards of leaders are not increasing but decreasing.

Research on how to be a leader continues by leadership gurus, as colleges and universities add special courses designed to produce or improve leaders. Yet i believe that all the college courses in leadership can never make a leader

Solutions to Ethical Leadership

The essence of leadership is not technique for controlling and manipulating people, which seem to be popular in leadership training today. All the college courses in business administration you learn and management seminars you attend cannot develop you into leader.

Think about the great leaders like, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. What made them great leaders? What Leadership School did they attend? Did they aim to be great?

If you follow their history carefully, you discover they found there gifts or passions, they rose from difficulty or they discovered wrongs that needed to be right. This Pursuit ignited their passions, skills and gift in them.


True leadership is an attitude that naturally inspires and motivates others, and it comes from an internalized discovery about yourself. You cannot learn an attitude. If someone learns an attitude is called conditioning, that's not leadership. A discovery of who you are, passions, assignment and gift is the key to true leadership.

When you discover your assignment in life, there is a feeling of obligation to deliver the solution to your world. This attitude is what makes you not to settle for less or compromise your values, believes, ethics and principles.

Ethical Leadership is an attitude that comes from an internalized discovery of who you are, what your organization, business and companies stands for. It is your conviction to deliver this purpose that creates an attitude of ethics.

Do you now see why the leadership in today’s world is failing?

Before i had the opportunity to do what i wanted, my parents forced me into civil engineering, saying i would get better job there. I was actually on that part, not until i encountered these great truths.

My experience and many other factors has been the experience of many. It is time for more......

There are certain qualities you need to becoming an ethical leader,

Steps to becoming an ethical leader, click here.....


The solution to ethical Leadership is simply helping others appreciate their uniqueness and embrace their passions, gifts and calling in life. Parents, bosses and those in management positions, should help the people placed under them discover who they are and place them in their areas of strength, passions and gifts. 

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