Leadership Principles-12 keys To     becoming an Effective Leader

There are certain leadership principles and qualities that have to be present for you to be defined as a leader. These principles are laws, when followed guarantee success in your leadership journey.

You were born to be a leader but not over people, you were born to be a leader in an area of gifting.

It was rightly said that leaders are product of circumstances, pressure, situations that force them to respond in a certain way that display some unique trait we didn't know about.

Contrary to popular saying that some were born with unique gift and traits, while the rest are regulated to be followers.

This mindset has been unconsciously accepted for decades and has gone unchallenged.

so what is the right leadership principles?

12 Effective Leadership Principles

Leadership Principle;

  • Purpose

Discovering a sense of meaning for life, you were born to be a solution to this world.


  • Conviction

Conviction is a deep believe in your purpose, when you discover your purpose, suddenly you discover you’re important to the world, this discovery ignites confidence and self believe in yourself. This self believe is what brings confidence in your purpose.

  • Vision

A leader must have a perception of his life purpose that is respectable and noble. Vision is the mental picture of your end. When you have a deep conviction of your purpose, it begins to show up in pictures.

  • Passion

A leader must have a commitment to fulfill his life's purpose which is beyond his safety. You must be willing to handle the opposition, criticism. Passion is something that is stronger than death.

  • Compassion

A leader should have a deep love for humanity. You cannot lead people you don't love genuinely. Great leaders sacrifice themselves for the development of humanity.

  • Values

Values are a leader’s Code of ethics. Values are like a leader’s personal contract with himself, about what is important to him.

  • Planning

It is a program for execution. A leader must have a clear plan that breaks his vision into chunks of achievable goals.

  • Persistence

Persistence is a leaders Commitment for success. Persistence is insisting on what you desire despite the opposition. It is a leader's believe in the future, such that the present has to let him go.

  • Dedication

It is endurance to opposition. The highest form of relationship is loyalty to a cause. A leader must be dedicated to his vision.

  • Sacrifice

A leader must be willing to give up everything for what he believes in. He must be willing to suffer for the course of his vision.

  • Accountability

A leader must be accountable to someone else, A leader must have a role model he learns from. There are people he looks up to for covering and correction.

  • Service

Leadership is service. Every human was born with something to offer to humanity.When a leader finds a need and meets that need, then a leader is born.


You were born to be a leader, but you must submit to a process to become a leader. Just as a seed goes through a process to become a tree. These leadership principles are necessary if you must become a leader.

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