Business Management Leadership:
Your Key To A successful Business Life

Business Management Leadership your key to effective business life. Do you want to take your business to the next level? Do you lack the knowledge to carry others along in your business, department or organization?

This post will help simplify the process on how successful leaders run their business and achieve great success.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Your leadership determines your success in your business or organization. The higher you go in your Leadership development the easier it is to lead.

Business Management Leadership is the ability to cast vision and motivate employees to accomplish a common goal. A business leader defines his vision and inspires his employees to a common goal.

Most people think that Business Management Leadership is the ability to achieve a position, therefore they go after a position, rank or title and upon their arrival think they have become leaders. This type of thinking has brought frustration to businesses.

Leadership is about movement. It is about taking people from a place to the unknown. Therefore if a business leader must succeed, he must know what he wants and carry everybody along

Business  Management Leadership Success

The difference between a leader and a follower is thinking ahead. Practical people know what they want. Business Leaders know what they want. Success can be defined as a progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile goal. This definition shows us that to prioritize and work towards a stated goal is essential to a business leader’s success. 

To increase the productivity of an organization or business, a leader must apply this principle. It states that 20% of your priorities will give you 80% of your production.

Therefore you should spend your time, energy, money and personnel on the top 20% of your priorities. In other words, when you focus your attention on the top 20% and invest your time there, it will give you 80% of all you need.

For example 20% of our time produces 80% of the result in our life, for businesses 20% of the product brings 80% of the profit. This principle is true in every area of life; it is also true in Business Management Leadership. If you must take your business to the next level and increase productivity you need to understand this principle.

Tips for Business Management Leadership

To use this strategy in dealing with people, do this!

1)      Determine which people are the top 20 percent producers

2)      Spend 80% of your people time with the top 20%

3)      Spend 80% of your money on developing the top 20%

4)      Determine which 20% of the work gives 80% return. Train an assistant to do the 80% less effective work

5)      Ask the top 20% to do on the job training on the next 20%


How to identify the top 20% influencers and producers;

Make a list of every one in your company or department, and then ask yourself this question, if this person takes a negative action against me or withdraws he or her support from me.

What will the impact likely be? If you won’t be able to function, put a check mark to that name. If the person cannot break you or hurt you, then don’t put a check mark to that name.

Priority criteria a Business Management Leadership needs;

1)      What is required of me. What do I have to do that no one but me can do? What you have to do and those that can be delegated.

2)       What gives me the greatest return? Your effort should equal your result

3)      What gives me the greatest reward? Life is too short not to be fun. Our best work takes place when we enjoy it. Take this job and love it – Find something you love to do so much that they will gladly do it for nothing.

Then learn to do it so well that people will be happy to pay them for it. You’re enjoying it because you’re making a contribution to the world.

A well placed priority is the key to a Business Leader.


It is not how hard you work, but how smart. A man was told that if he worked very hard he will become rich. The hardest work he knew was digging holes, so he went about digging holes in his backyard. He didn’t get rich but got a back ague. Though he worked hard but there was no priority. Priority is the key to a Business Management Leadership success.

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