Innovation Leadership:Discovering                  Your Creativity

Innovation Leadership is the creative reserve of true leaders, the ultimate goal of leadership is to successfully achieve and accomplish a predetermined vision to fulfill a primary purpose.

The role of the leader is to provide a sense of purpose, vision, motivation, momentum and a productive environment to accomplish this task.

A key quality of leadership in this regard is an innovative and creative mindset

One of the principal characteristics of effective leaders is their ability to think outside the box. True leaders learn from their experiences, but they never live in them.

Leaders don't allow the past dictate their life, they combine old ideas and concepts in order to create new ones. Leaders never believe that there is only one way to accomplish any task.

So let’s define innovation leadership;

Defining Innovation Leadership

Innovation Leadership is the capacity to create new approaches and concepts to deal with old and new challenges.

It is the perceptivity to see possibilities in the combination of old and new concept.

Innovation Leadership is the creation, development and application of untested ways of solving old and new problems.

It is the capacity to think beyond the known, defy the norm and believe in one's abilities to solve problems.

How To Be An Innovative Leader

1)  You must have a strong conviction of which you are your purpose       and why you are on this earth.

2)  Your vision must be very clear to you.

You must leave in your vision, ie your end, but always stay in touch with the present.

3)  Spend time alone to think.

As an innovative leader, you need time alone to think and ponder on better ideas to do things.

4) You must have the cooperation and understanding of your team.

5)  You must have courage.

You must be willing to try things, even if it fails. You must recognize that without risk there is no success. Be ready to go beyond traditional thinking. Seek better ways to do things.

6)  Constantly develop yourself.

Work on your ideas, acquire new knowledge and keep sharpening your skills and ideas.

7)  Encourage yourself and your team.

Always keep the goal or vision in front of you and your team, by constantly reminding them why they do what they do.

8)  Be open to ideas.

Don't reject ideas from your subordinate. Encourage your team and followers to bring ideas that are worth the purpose, vision or goal.

9) Be persistent.

When you are putting your ideas to work, you need patience and time for your ideas to effectively produce result.

10) Ask for help.

Whenever you get stuck on an idea, don't hesitate to ask for help. There are times when you put ideas to work and you get to place you don't know what to do, don't let your ego get in the way, simply ask for help.

11) Be responsible.

As an innovative leader, you must ready to take the blames when an idea fails. This will help you find better ways to make it work.

12) Never stop changing and stretching.

Innovative leadership is all about change and growth. In other to do that effectively, must be ready to go beyond what is working at that level.Change is constant.


Innovative leadership don't follow paths, they create trails, they venture where others don't dare to tread. Innovative leaders take time to sit and think of things that have not yet been done and then make plans to get them done. Venture into the uncomfortable Zone.

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