The Key Difference between Management and Leadership

The difference between Management and leadership has been the most unresolved topics in our world today, and yet we cannot do without them.

In other to become a leader, it is necessary you understand clearly, the difference between management and leadership. You will gain a deeper insight on leadership.

Every leader was once a manager on their way to leadership. Therefore in other to become an effective leader, you must also learn to manage.

There have been many situations in which managers have been mistaken for leaders and placed in leadership or managerial position but were unable to function in leadership. This has frustrated the purposes and objective of their organization, community, business and family.

A leader is not the same as a manager, let’s see the difference;

Management and Leadership

1.  A leader has his own vision (even when it is carried out within              someone else vision) and he uses the resources of the                      organization with integrity in order to accomplish his goals

 -   A manager has no vision, but he is responsible for someone              else vision and resources.

 2. Leaders don't wait; they initiate change in their environment

  -   Managers wait for instructions in other to make changes.

 3. The leader creates trails; he becomes the instrument of change         in the environment, organization, school or business.

 -   Managers follow rules and are ready to obey the instructions to          the letter.

4. Leadership is self-manifestation; leaders discover a sense of            purpose for their life, business or organization.

 -   The Manager only thinks of the next position.

 5.  True leaders produce other leaders

 -    Managers seek followers

6.   Leaders find a human cause worth sacrificing everything for

 -    Managers are in for what they can receive.

7.  Leadership is about service, leaders serve their organization             and community

 -   Managers rely on control to achieve goals.

8.  A leader introduces something new

  -  Managers go with the status quo

9.  A leader is an original

 -   A Manager is a copy

10. Leadership brings growth

  -   Managers maintain the standard.

11. Leaders inspires others through his inspiration

   -  A manager has to manipulate people to achieve his goals

12. The leader sees the future

   -   The manager only thinks of the present

13. The leader challenges the organizations methods

  -    The manager work with the standard

14.  Leadership is about the pursuit of purpose

   -   Managers pursues people

15.  Leaders lead the way

   -  Managers instruct follows.


Most leaders were manages on their way to leadership, it is usually a natural path of progression. Therefore understanding these differences will take you one step close to discovering your leadership potentials.

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