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Charismatic leadership is a quality or trait of a leader that draws people to want to follow them. The need of his followers or people around him becomes his priority.

Charismatic Leadership exists for the purpose of guiding others to a better future and improving their lives, skills and knowledge.

A charismatic leader helps his followers to believe in themselves and their potentials. He sets the standard for his followers and influences them positively, giving them hope and deep conviction about their abilities to achieve greatness.

The first impression can seal the deal. How can you become a charismatic Leader? Be more concern about making others feel good about themselves, than you are making them feel good about you. Charisma is a quality that draws people to want to follow you.

Qualities of Charismatic Leadership

  • Charismatic Leaders Love life

People enjoy leaders that love life, Leaders that celebrate life, not complainers, compassionate. If you want to attract the people you want, you need to be like the people you enjoying being with.


  • Expect the best in others

It helps others think more highly of themselves and at the same time, it also helps you.

Benjamin Disraeli understood and practiced this concept and it was one of the secret of his charisma, he once said that the greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. If you appreciate others, encourage them and help them reach their potential they will love you for it.


  • Give people hope

Leaders are dealers in hope, like all great leaders, hope is the greatest of their possession. If you can be the person that bestows that gift on others, they will be attracted to you and they will forever be grateful.

Share yourself, people love leaders who share themselves and their life journeys, as you lead people share yourself, wisdom, resources and even special occasions. When you go out for occasions like cinemas, storytelling events, book lunch, fund raising events, you can share this moments with your followers. When you do this you add value to their lives by spending special time with them.

When it comes to charisma, leaders who spend time thinking about others before thinking about themselves exhibit charismatic leadership.

  • Good Listeners

For leaders to connect with the heart of his followers, you must use your ears. The ear of the leader must ring to the voice of the people.

A good leader encourages others tell him what he needs to know not what he wants to hear. Leaders torch a heart first before they ask for help.


  • Security

You can't lead people if you need people. You must have no doubts about yourself and you must be secure about your leadership.

Insecure leaders are dangerous to themselves, organization and there followers. You cannot make others secure, if you’re not secure. Like a saying you cannot give what you don’t have.

  • Servant hood

A charismatic leader serves people, serves there best interest. He is motivated by loving concern rather than personal glory. You have got to love people more than your position or yourself.

True Charismatic leaders desire to save others rather than themselves. He puts others ahead of his agenda, this means he intentionally becomes aware of peoples need and available to help them and accept their desire as important.


  • Relationship

If you get along, they will go along. A charismatic leader knows how to get along with people. People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care. The ability to work with people and develop relationship determines an effective charismatic leadership.

Improving Your Charisma 

To improve charisma do the following; 

Observe your interaction with people within the next few days, as you talk to others determine how much in your conversation is concentrated on yourself.

Determine to focus on others. When you meet others, try to make the first impression, learn the person's name. Focus on his interest, be positive and most importantly see the best in them. If you can do this for a day, you can do it every day. That will increase your charisma overnight.

Share yourself, make it your long term goal, to share your resources with others. Think about how you can add value to your followers this year. Provide resources to help them grow personally and professionally and share your personal journey with them.

One of the greatest hostess in America was asked what was the secret of her success as a host, and how she got so many rich and famous people to attend her parties, she said "it is all in the greetings and good byes" she replied when a guest arrives she met him saying "at last your here" and as each left she said "i am sorry you have to leave so soon". Her agenda was to focus on others and not herself, that's charismatic Leadership


How will you rate yourself when it comes to charisma, are other people naturally attracted to you, are you well liked? if not you may possess one of this road blocks to charismatic leadership or pride.

Nobody wants to follow a leader that thinks he is better than everyone else. If you are uncomfortable with who you are, others will too, when people never know what to expect from you, they stop expecting anything.

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