The 6 unbreakable Laws Of Leadership

Laws of leadership key to fulfilling your leadership potentials!

Here are six laws which are absolutely essential if you are in a position of leadership. Just as there are principles that govern nature, so there are definite laws which are vital in leadership.

Don't stagger on in ignorance, Leaders are readers. Study well these principles to become the leader you are meant to be.

Leadership principles are unchanging and stand the test of time. As you read the following laws, keep in mind these ideas.

1) The laws can be learned. Some are easier to understand and apply than others, but every one of them can be acquired.

2) The law doesn't stand alone. Developing one law leads to another.

3) The laws carry consequences with them. Apply the laws and people will follow you. Violate or ignore them and you will not be able to lead others.

4) These laws are the foundation of leadership. One you learn the principles, you have to practice them and apply them to your life.


Whether you are a follower who is just beginning to discover the impact of leadership or natural leader who already has followers, you can become a better leader. As you read about the laws, you may recognize what you already practice some of them very effectively. Other laws of leadership may expose weaknesses you didn't know you had.

Each laws of leadership is like a tool, ready to be picked up and used to help you achieve your dreams and add value to other people. Pick up even one, and you will become a better leader. Learn them all, and people will gladly follow you.

Now, let's open the toolbox together;

Here are the laws of leadership

  • Fist law of leadership: Leadership begins with a clear discovery of purpose


It is discovering the original reason for your birth, you are not a mistake, and you were born to do something important. This has to happen to you personally.

This discovery gives you a sense of meaning and knowledge of what you’re meant to do in life.

Leaders know who they are, their strengths and weakness and how to fully deploy their strength and compensate for their weakness. This helps you know your uniqueness.


  • Second law of leadership: A clear conviction in yourself

Conviction is a believer in your significance. When you discover your purpose, automatically you will discover you are important to the world. This is hard to accept because we have been conditioned not to believe in ourselves. Conviction is a spiritual experience because you have a connection with whom you are and why you are born.

  • Third law of leadership: Leadership must possess vision

Vision is simply purpose in pictures. Conviction will always begin to show up in pictures, you see how you are supposed to help the world, what you’re going to contribute to your generation.

Vision is simply seeing your destiny mentally. Vision is the map that directs a leader to his destination, he might not know the process, but he knows his end.

  • Fourth law of leadership: A deep passion for your assignment

Passion is a desire that is stronger than death and greater than opposition. It is the root of self-motivation and the energy that fuels persistence, consistency and resilience.


Passion is the secret source of a leaders drive. It is the force that directs the management of the leader’s time, energy, resources and priorities. Passion makes leadership effective.


  • Fifth law of leadership: You must be inspired by your vision

When you generate meaning in other people's life by your passion. People are inspired when they see someone who believes in something so deeply that they are willing to die for it.

Inspiration comes when you capture a clear vision. You can only inspire people through your inspiration.

When you become inspired by your vision, that inspiration becomes contagious and moves others to reorder their priorities. Sharing your inspiration causes your followers or employees to submit to a cooperate vision.


  • Sixth law of leadership: Leadership is influence

When people are so impacted by your conviction of character, they are willing to surrender their authority to your cause. When you give people meaning, they will give you their authority which comes with their resources, their time, talent and their money.


People follow you because they believe in your assignment, leaders are made by the people, therefore leaders never seek followers, and they pursue purpose.



Just as there are principles that govern nature, so there are definite laws which are vital in leadership.Before you become a leader these laws of leadership must be evident in you.

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