Developing A Leader Skills

Leader skills will help you discover the leader within you and guide you in developing the necessary skills for effective leadership.

I always love to begin with this statement "You were born to lead, but you must become a leader".

Every human being was endowed by the creator with leadership potential in a specific area of gifting. The human spirit is designed to manage and control its world and it functions best when creating an environment conducive to this pursuit.

You are a leader, regardless of your present status or your feelings about your leadership ability and potential. When you discover this truth and become convinced of it, then you won't be content with just being a follower any longer. You will learn the secret to becoming a leader by discovering the hidden leader within.

A discovery of a leader's skill begins with redefining leadership;

Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion generated by a vision, produced by a conviction ignited by a purpose.

From this definition you discover that leadership is not a pursuit but a result. True leadership is self-discovery, it has very little to do with what you do, but is fundamentally a matter of becoming who you are. It is the result of one's commitment to self-manifestation.

When a leader finds his, purpose, passions and gift and pursues it, the leader skills is born, i.e. the pursuit of purpose, passions and gifts results in the manifestations of his skills.

When someone tries to learn skills without this discovery, it is simply conditioning. Like someone said "A thief did not become a thief the day he stole, but he became a thief the day he knew he was a thief. His actions were simply a manifestation of his heart and thoughts. It is the same with leadership.

When a leader finds his passion and gets committed to pursuing his purpose, he discovers he gradually develops the skills to becoming successful in his pursuit. In other words purpose determines the skills you will learn and develop. When you learn and develop skills that resonate with your purpose and passions, it becomes natural.

Sometimes you might not have all the necessary skill for leadership, but when your purpose and vision is inspiring, motivating and captures the heart of people they will follow you.

Leaders Of The Past:Develop Your Leader Skills

As we said, that leader are ordinary people who accept or are placed under extraordinary circumstances that bring forth their latent potential, producing character that inspires the confidence and trust of others.

These leader's we are about to mention, if they based their leadership on the Greek philosophers theories, they never would have been accepted as leadership material. Yet they became one of the greatest leaders in history.


Mother Teresa was an obscure teacher and nun from Macedonia who decided to devote her life to caring for the destitute in India. Everyone will agree with me she was a successful leader? What many have not really known about her, was she had so much compassion for children, the poor and destitute. Without this natural passion in her, there was no way she could have been successful as a leader. Her passion led to action which produced the leader skills necessary to fulfill her dreams.


Helen Keller was a girl from small Alabama town who due to an illness lost her sight and hearing before she was two years old. She became an international known lecturer, an author of more than ten books and a powerful advocate for the rights of physically disabled.

Helen Keller used her disability to her advantage, even though she found herself in this extraordinary situation, she didn't let it stop her. Today she is an example for us to follow.

She has set the pace for us and made us realize that your situation is not a factor to your leadership and success in life. Her refusal to back down to life, led to the discovery and fulfillment of her purpose and discovery of her leader skills.


Steve Jobs envisioned and developed small computers that people could use in their work spaces and homes, replacing cumbersome, large-scale computers.

Bill Gates saw the potential of giving every person access to people-friendly computer software. His dream led him to establish what the global Microsoft Empire becomes.

Their passions for computers determined the skill they acquired, the people that surrounded them and it determined there leadership success.

To become successful as a leader, learning skills is not enough. You can learn skills and succeed in your current position, but you cannot fulfill your highest calling and potentials, but a discovery of purpose and a vision to go with it, determines what skill you will acquire. For more on leadership skill click here...

Learn more about leadership skills: Leadership Skills. A step by step process on developing the right skills for leadership: Leadership Skill Development


When a Leader finds his purpose, it ignites a conviction in him. This conviction generates a vision in the person’s heart that stirs a passion. The force of that person's passionate pursuit of the vision inspires others to follow, who are stirred to join in and cooperate with the vision and it determines the skill the leader develops. This is the foundation on how leader skills are developed.

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