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Leadership position is defined as both a designated position or a place occupied and the individual who assumes that position, accepting the responsibility and accountability it entails.

It is the function of the designated place occupied and the exercise of the responsibilities involved in that position.

There are many instances in which individuals who are designated as leaders and placed in leadership positions fail to function in a way that provides effective leadership.

Have you experienced trying to work with or for someone who could not lead? A little and position do not guarantee performance and productivity. Merely being a leader does not guarantee leadership.

In Leadership position the leader exemplifies through his words, actions and overall life, the qualities and skills that result in a positive progression toward the fulfillment of the vision.

The leader always serves and exercise leadership to benefit those whom he is leading. He can never demand the right to lead, but rather is give the opportunity by others to serve them in that capacity. The privilege of leading is earned through the cultivating of trust.

The individual who assumes the position is temporary, but the leader is permanent. This illustrates the fact that even though you may have a position, exercising leadership is not automatic. Certain qualities, competencies and skills are essential.

What leaders do in Leadership Positions

1.  A leader has his own vision (even when it is carried out within someone else vision) and he uses the resources of the organization with integrity in order to accomplish his goals.

 2. Leaders don't wait; they initiate change in their environment.

3. The leader creates trails; he becomes the instrument of change in the environment, organization, school or business.

4. Leadership is self-manifestation; leaders discover a sense of purpose for their life, business or organization.

 5.  True leaders produce other leaders.

6.   Leaders find a human cause worth sacrificing everything for.

7.  Leadership is about service, leaders serve their organization  and community.

8.  A leader introduces something new.

9.  A leader is an original.

10. Leadership brings growth.

11. Leaders inspires others through his inspiration.

12. The leader sees the future.

 13. The leader challenges the organizations methods.

 14.  Leadership is about the pursuit of purpose.

15.  Leaders lead the way.


I believe everyone would like to be a leader. Some people have a great longing to be in leadership, while others have only a small desire.

Regardless of our occupations or the degree of our desire for leadership, the yearning to feel that we are masters of our situations and in control of our environments resides in each of us. There is a hidden leader in all of us who is crying out to be free.

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