Organization Management Leadership:Building A Better Organization

Organization management leadership is the key to building an effective organization.

The business world hungers for true leadership, as we have discovered recently, too many CEO becomes bosses not leaders. This bosses has gotten our businesses and organization into its current position.

They are the perfect expressions of the context, driving but going nowhere.

Principles Of Organization Management Leadership

1) The first basic ingredient of an organization management leadership is a guiding vision. The leader has a clear idea of what the organization wants, professionally and personally and the strength to persist in the face of setbacks, even failures.

Unless you know where you are going and why, you cannot possibly get there. An organizational leader must have a guiding purpose, vision, goal and plan of action.

2) The second basic ingredient of organization management leadership is passion, the underlying passion for the promises of life, combined with a very particular passion for the organizations visions and goals.

The leader loves what he or she does, love doing it and he or she is able to help his followers enjoy whatever responsibility given to them.

Therefore the leader must be able to communicate his passion to his followers. An organizational leader communicates passion that gives hope and inspiration to his people.

3) The next basic ingredient of organization management leadership is integrity. There are three essential parts of integrity; they are self-knowledge, candor and maturity.

Until you truly know yourself, strengths and weakness, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in achieving the organizational goals.

Leaders never lie to themselves, especially about themselves, know their faults as well as their assets and deal with them directly.

When you know what you consist of and what you want to make of it, then you can invent yourself.


Candor is the key to self-knowledge. Candor is based in honesty of thought and action, a steadfast devotion to principles and a fundamental soundness and wholeness. An organizational leader is always a giver; therefore he must always work on himself.


Maturity is important to a leader because leading is not simply showing the way or issuing orders. Every leader needs to have experienced and grown through following, learning to be dedicated, observant, and capable of working with and learning from others, never servile, always truthful.

Having located these qualities in themselves, leaders can encourage them in his followers.

4) Other basic ingredients in organizational management leadership are curiosity and daring. Leaders wonder about everything, want to earn as much as they can, are willing to take risks, experiment, try new things. They do not worry about failure, but embrace errors, knowing they will learn from them.


In this post we just discussed the basic qualities that will help you as an organization management leader. For more click here..

Bottom Line

Billions of dollars are spent annually by and on would-be leaders. Many major corporations offer leadership development courses, but it hasn't yielded any positive result.

Leadership courses can only teach skills. They can't teach character or vision. Leaders are made when they discover their purpose which translates into vision, producing positive character.

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