Leadership And Priorities

All true leaders distinguished by their strong sense priorities. They are always clear about what is important to them and desire to attend to the principal issue at hand.

The most important thing in life and leadership is to know what you are supposed to do. Any activities that we undertake consume our time, talents, effort, energy, and life.  What we do, therefore, determines, determines who we are and what we become. True leaders have a clear sense of what they need to do.

The key to this ability is applying the principle of priority.

What is Priority

Let's begin by defining priority 

It is something that has a prior claim on us.

It is something that merits our primary attention.

It is something that receives our primary resources

It is something that has a right to supersede other things.

Leadership and Priorities

Effective leadership involves the management of one's priorities. True leaders have learned how to distinguish between what is truly important for their lives and fulfillment of their purposes and what is an urgent but temporary need. 

They have also discovered how to distinguish between options that are good and ones that are best for them.

How to choose priority

We live in an age where people have myriad of choices in regard to their lifestyles, careers, and leisure time. We can do many things, but not everything is constructive to our lives.

One of our major responsibilities as leaders is determining what is best for us according to our life's purpose and vision. Being single minded in the pursuit of a purpose is the key.

Evaluate your current priority

What purpose do you need to "take hold of" personally, professionally and spiritually? How do your current priorities line up with them? Take time this week to think through your present priorities.

Are you aware of your purpose and actively working toward it?

Before setting your goals, make sure that you discover your purpose and decide how to align your life and priorities so that you will be able to fulfill your particular mandate in the domain that you have been given.


To become the leader that you were created to be, you must cultivate the art of priority. Choosing and distinguishing between what is important and what is urgent. Leadership means knowing the difference between busyness and effectiveness.

A true leader makes a distinction between an opportunity, a distraction and between what is right for them.

Leaders know that priorities protect their valuable energy, time, resources, and talent.


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