Understanding A servant Leader

Servant leader, key to effective leadership! There is leadership potential in everyone. Despite this universal latent ability, very few individuals realize this power and fewer still have responded effectively to the call. As a result, our nations, societies and communities are suffering from an astounding leadership void.

This post is designed to help you awaken and enhance the potential servant leader hidden within you so that you can develop and refine your leadership qualities and use them to benefit and serve the world.

Why should you become a servant leader? Because it is the calling of every human being, regardless of age, gender, circumstances or vocation. It is your calling.

A true leader serves people, serves there best interest. True leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than personal glory; they are willing to pay the prize. You have got to love people more than your position.

Servant leadership is not about position, but about attitude. True leaders desire to save others rather than themselves. A true servant leader put others ahead of his agenda, he is intentionally aware of peoples need and available to help them and accept their desire as important.

Servant hood is motivated by love. To improve your servant hood perform small acts of kindness.

Servant leaders are genuine leaders, who are willing to take responsibility for the present situation and conditions in the world, society, organization and community. They are willing to accept the challenge, to face it head on with integrity, character and a commitment to inspire people for human development and execute righteous judgment for a better world.

Our youths are begging for true leaders. The church is suffering from an absence of leaders. Our Government is being undermined because of a lack of leaders. Our communities need positive role models, our children need fathers and our world needs direction. From Africa to America, from Croatia to Australia, businesses, organizations, communities and schools, the world is in desperate need of true leader.

How To Become A servant Leader

Lying deep within you, buried by the misconception that only special people are called to lofty positions of leadership.  Believe there is a leader in everyone waiting to serve his or her generation. We are not all the same, but we are all leaders in our own unique ways.

Here are tips to help you discover your servant hood.


1) Servant leadership is about service

The servant hood within you comes alive when you discover your purpose, your life's vision, your potential and your commitment to fulfill them without compromise. It is said of Helen Keller that she became an exceptional leader, once she saw the potential in her own mind.

2) Character

Leadership is the capacity to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence. How a leader deals with circumstances reveals his character.

3) Servant Leadership is people’s business

People love leaders who share themselves and their life's journeys. As you lead people, give them yourself. Share wisdom and resources.

Leaders are dealers in hope. Hope is the greatest of all possessions, if you can be the person who bestows that gift on others, they will be attracted to you and they will forever grateful.


4) Communication.

If a leader can't get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having the message doesn't matter. For you to be effective in communication, simplify know your message and know your audience.


5) Listening

For leaders to connect with the heart of his followers, you must use your ears. The ear of the leader must ring to the voice of the people.

6) Passion

What makes it possible for people who might seem ordinary to achieve great things, the answer is passion. A leader inspires his followers towards a common goal through his passion.

7) Relationships

People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care. The ability to work with people and develop relationship determines an effective leader.

8) Self-discipline

The first person you lead is you. The first and best victory is to conquer self. No one achieves and sustains success without self-discipline. No matter how gifted a leader is he cannot reach his maximum potential without the application of self-discipline.

9) Development

Leaders brings growth and development to society, organization and humanity. They move people, organization and community from one place to another. They are committed to the development of the society.

10) Empower Others.

The purpose of servant hood is to raise other leaders. Leadership exists for the purpose of guiding others to a better future and improving their lives, skills and knowledge.

A leader helps his followers to believe in themselves and their potentials. A leader sets the standard for his followers and influences them positively, giving them hope and deep conviction about their abilities to achieve greatness.


leaders exist for others. A true leader serves people, serves there best interest. True leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than personal glory; they are willing to pay the prize. You have got to love people more than your position.

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