Successful Leaders:Attaining Success In Leadership

Successful Leaders demonstrates their leadership through their words, actions and overall life and possess the qualities and skills that result in a positive progression towards the fulfillment of the vision.

I believe everyone would like to be successful leaders. Some people have a great longing to be a success, while others have only a small desire. Regardless of our occupations or the degree of our desire for success in leadership, the yearning to feel that we are masters of our situations and in control of our environment resides in each of us.

There is a hidden leader in us who is crying out to be free. This post is designed to help you discover your leadership potential. You will learn the criteria necessary for those who aspire to leadership and are moving toward it.

There are many instances in which individuals who are designated as leaders and placed in leadership position fail to function in a way that provide effective leadership. Have you experienced trying to work with or for someone who could not lead?

A title and position do not guarantee performance and productivity. Merely being a leader does not guarantee leadership


Successful Leaders

Everyone from his or her own perspective desires to be successful.

What is success? Success can be defined as the efficient and effective completion of an assigned task to the level of expectation of the one who gave the assignment. In other words, true success is the fulfillment of original purpose.

Success is not  measured by what you have done compared to what others have done, but rather by what you have done compared to what you should have done. The true essence of effectiveness is successful completion of the correct assignment or purpose. Success is not doing things right but doing the right thing.

For instance i hire someone to clean my house and request that he wash the dishes while i run an errand. After my departure, he proceeds to the kitchen and begins to work on the floor. With great intensity and energy, he scrubs mops and waxes until it is immaculately clean and shinning. Pleased with his accomplishment, he smiles at his reflection in the floor with great personal pride.

Upon my return, i enter the kitchen and am deeply impressed and surprised by the excellent condition of the kitchen floor. I haven't seen it sparkle like that since i first built the house.

Then turning my gaze from the floor, i am dismayed to see the dishes in the same condition they were in when i left.

This story illustrates the principle that it is possible to do good thing without doing the right thing. As we have seen, it is possible to sincerely, zealously and efficiently do an excellent job on the wrong thing and therefore fail.

In the story above, my employee was not successful because, even though he did a good thing, he did not do the right thing; therefore he was busy but not effective, active but not progressive.

Becoming A Successful Leader

How does a person know he is doing the right thing? The right thing is something that fulfills his purpose. Purpose is the original intent or predetermined results for an individual, company or organization. It is the expected end.

In other words, for one to become a successful leader, the process must begin at the foundation, which is the discovery of personal sense of purpose.

This purpose will lead to a deep conviction about one's obligation to humanity and life. That conviction ignites pictures in the screen of your mind, showing you how you’re supposed to fulfill purpose, this is called vision.

This vision, when fully possessed and matures, explodes in a passion that creates an internal drive in the individual and inspires all who come into his presence. It is this capacity of the individual's passion to inspire that produces the most important component of leadership, which is influence.

When passion is born in a leader he is able to influence the priorities of many people towards a common cause that is nobler than the private pursuits of the individuals involved. He is able to coordinate the diverse gifts and talents of individuals for a corporate goal, this is true leadership success.


Leaders are people who have the ability to organize and coordinate resources, energies and relationships in a productive context to achieve an intended result. Having a purpose, vision and values leads to inspiring others to work together in achieving a common purpose.

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